You’re about to meet Sue’s eldest daughter, Sophie, as she prepares for the birth of her second baby.

But here’s the thing. Sue is also pregnant — with her seventeenth child. And this is the second time the mother-daughter duo has been pregnant at the same time.

The following clip is taken from 2013 documentary “17 Kids and Counting,” which follows the Radford family of England, Britain’s largest family. Sue and Noel Radford were childhood sweethearts who got married over 20 years ago. The couple originally planned on having three children, but they loved the experience so much that they kept having more.

Instead of relying on state benefits to support their family, the Radfords gained notoriety for working and supporting themselves with a successful bakery business.

After this documentary was filmed, Sophie got pregnant with her third baby, despite the fact she was on a contraceptive injection.

Follow Sue and Sophie as they navigate pregnancy together.

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